Webinar: Ogden 8


Title: Ogden 8 - What You Need to Know!

Speaker: Christopher RussellRoger Harris

Date/Time: Thurs 30 July 2020, 4.30pm for 1 hour

Venue: Online! 

Although Roger was going to speak on the Animals Act, given the recent introduction of Ogden 8, he and Christopher will speak on that instead! His talk will deal with a review of the new 8th Edition of the Ogden Tables, the extensive changes to the Explanatory Notes and the implications for damages in Personal injury and Fatal Accident claims.


Instructions for Joining the Webinar

The Webinar will be conducted on Microsoft Teams.  This can be downloaded for free, or simply used in a web browser. We would suggest that you download or trial it in advance of the Webinar beginning, as it can take a few minutes to set up for the first time.

You do not need a subscription to Teams to be able to participate in the Webinar.  Many of you may find that you already have a subscription in any event as part of your Office 365 package.  Those who already use it report that it doesn’t work as well on an iPad or phone (although can be used with them), so we would recommend using a computer.  Some have also struggled using a Remote Desktop connection so we suggest avoiding a RDP.  There have also been a few problems with Microsoft Edge which can be resolved by using a different browser.

The link for the webinar is hereClick the link and you should be given the option to watch the seminar in Teams or in a web browser. You can also right click in most email apps and choose to copy the link. You can then paste it into either into Teams or your web browser.

Alternatively, you can copy the whole of the link below:





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